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Based in Los Angeles, California, we perform consistently throughout the area, and are available for public and private performances. Please feel free to browse around and have a look at our Media page, or check out our Performances page for upcoming shows. If you are interested in booking Mandala Danceworks, or need further information, please see our Contact page. Thanks for visiting!

Current News

Following our return from Bellydance Masters in Orlando, Florida, the company is taking a short rest for the Holidays! See you in the New Year! Curious about what to expect at a Mandala DanceWorks workshop? Check out the reviews below from some of our attendees:
“Mandala Danceworks always delivers. Karin Jensen and her powerhouse team have changed the vocabulary for Tribal Fusion dancers forever. With varied backgrounds from Bellydance to Contemporary, this dynamic team brings “all the things”. The lifting workshop that was showcased in Davis, CA in 2015 was brave, experimental, and most importantly for me, it showed results. I was doing lifts that I have only seen on TV!! It was a beautifully safe environment and Karin is amazing at modifying and shape shifting information to suit everyone. Also I need to give a shout out to Tracy Stanbury, who was my partner in that workshop, for being a very generous assistant. All of the members in the troupe are supportive and kind. Karin is well represented by her team. I am a fan.”
Amy Sigil

Director of UNMATA, creator of ITS and owner of Hot Pot Studios

“This might be the workshop I was the most excited about, and I definitely had the most fun! Mandala gave us a pile of props, the option of layering an emotion onto whatever we were doing, and set us loose to explore the possibilities. Several members of the troupe were on hand to provide advice, perform duets, or serve as a spotter if you were dancing on a ladder, for instance. Hey, did I mention that despite my fear of heights/falling, I used a ladder as a prop and it was awesome? After exploring a few props, I went to my default fan veils and discovered some new ways of using them, too. I really enjoyed that this workshop was very exploratory and fun, allowing us to totally indulge in our creativity, while still being able to receive guidance when we were stumped. (By the way, Mandala is offering this again at Waking Persephone, if you want to try it yourself!)”
AJ Sophia Ravenna Reardon

Upcoming Performances

There are no upcoming events at this time.